viernes, 4 de abril de 2008

advantages and disadvantages

Cell phones


· Easy to stay in touch with anyone.

With only press a button you can talk to anyone

· You can find a person in any part of the World.

Some telephones have a GPS and only press a button and you find that person.

· Write a friend easily.

Telephones have a dictionary, this to make write a friend


¶ Any person can locate you.

Sometimes you don´t like it.

¶ The call’s unexpected.

Some people have unacceptable jokes and they call in a middle of the night

¶ You can not see the face of the person.

When you call someone you can not see the expression in his face

There are some Advantages and disadvantages when you use a cell phone. First, you can talk to someone in any minute and find this person but in this way the people find you too. You can call any person at day or at night per equal, when you have the cell phones you can accept the call or decline the call for example: the unexpected calls in the middle of the night or in the middle of a meeting or people could call you for jokes or any situation unnecessary. Sometimes when you have a problem in the middle of a trip the cell phones can be helpful, for example: if you have any problems when you are lost, using the GPS you can see your location or your destiny. Finally in the world nobody can’t live without the cells phones because the cell phones or Mobil’s phones make your life easier.

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